Thursday, June 23, 2011

Honey Pilsner into Secondary

Normally I don't rack beer into a secondary but I'd rather use my 5 gallon brewing bucket for primary than a carboy, and I plan on brewing a Kolsch in the next week.I also wanted to try gelatin finings on this batch to see how it did with clearing beer. I warmed a tablespoon of finings up in near boiling water and mixed it with the wort as it went into the carboy.
The wort smelled really good as it was being transferred. Malty with a citrus peachy on top of that, some of that coming from hops and I think some from the Safale US-05. From what I've read it can sometimes add a peachy aroma.  I saved some of the yeast cake and stored that away for later. Over all I'm excited about getting this into bottle and will bottle it as soon as its cleared up, which will hopefully only take a week or so.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blueberry Wine Bottled

 I bottled my blueberry wine last night. After racking if off fruit it ended up only filling up a half gallon carboy which in turn ended up up only being 5 12 oz bottles. Unfortunately I did not take the initial gravity so there is no way to get the alcohol content, but there is a definite burn when we tasted it a couple weeks ago. Aging will hopefully diminish that burn and bring the blueberry/fruity taste out more.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kolsch and Tasting Glasses

I have the ingredients for a Kolsch which will be brewed as soon as the honey pilsner ale is out of primary. Its a brewers best kit which I've heard good things about and a Wyeast kolsch smack pack.
I also picked up 4 Budweiser nickle beers glasses today. Still looking up more information on their history but they make perfect tasting glasses.  (Business card inserted in there for reference)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Honey Pilsner Ale

This did not go as planned but I think it benefited from the changes. It originally was a Patersbier Kit from Northen Brewer. I followed the recipe but used a different yeast.  I have substituted the Belgian yeast for Safale US-05 American Ale yeast. It is supposed to very clean American Ale with crisp finish which should go well with the Pilsner malt.
Everything went expected on the brew day except the gravity was low when the yeast was pitched. It was reading about 1.035 and not the 1.047 that Northern Brewer suggests. A krausen didn't form for about 24 hours and even now there is no real activity in the airlock. I decided to add 2 pounds of honey I had leftover from making mead to boost the gravity of this beer. After entering the recipe into a calculator I came up with a predicted gravity of 1.048. The honey was added about 36 hours after pitching the yeast. Over all I am satisfied with the addition of honey, as it should meld well with all the other ingredients.

Safale US-05 American Ale Yeast
0.5 lbs CaraPils
6 lbs Pilsen malt extract syrup
2 lbs of Clover honey

1 oz Tradition hops (60 min)
0.5 oz Saaz hops (10 min)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

After a long break.

Sorry about the long break in updates, We have been moving and other various life issues. So after settling into our new apartment I pulled the homebrew equipment out and bottled the milk stout. It smelled hoppier than I expected, but it will hopefully fade in the bottle.
I racked the 3 gallon peach mead into a fresh carboy with new fruit and some yeast energizer. I've also racked the tart cherry mead into a fresh carboy with some fresh cherries and yeast energizer.
After tasting samples from various carboys I've decided that the Whole foods cider is ready to be bottled as soon as I get some lactose to sweeten it back up, as it very dry currently. The cherry mead also seems ready to bottle within the next month and I'll probably do the peach mead at the same time.

I've changed the plan and I am no longer going to pitch Belgian yeast with the Patersbier  kit I have. I am going to just go with a clean fermenting American ale yeast. I am hoping to brew that tomorrow.