Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Previously Fermenting

So this is what I had in carboy previous to this blog.

-A Peach Mead
-Blueberry Wine
-Orange/Tangerine Wine
-Apple Wine

The only one I am actually excited about is the peach mead. The orange and apple wine were the first things I ever brewed and they are thin rocket fuel with a sulfur taste. The blueberry definitely has the potential for greatness. It has a great berry taste but its rocket fuel with some sulfur in there too, so I plan on letting it age and mellow out. The mead was made from clover honey and frozen peaches picked from parents property. The peaches were pureed and still haven't settled out, but its been less than a month.

Whole Foods Cider

Having heard good things I ventured out to whole foods and bought a gallon of Apple Cider. It comes in a one gallon glass carboy and is a light muddy brown color. Already pasteurized and with no preservatives it makes it really easy, Just pitch the yeast and put an airlock on it. I used a Windsor Ale Yeast for the the faster turn around time and lower alcohol content versus wine or champagne yeast.

-One Gallon Whole Foods Cider
-Windsor Ale Yeast
-Petic Enzyme

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tart Cherry Mead

I put together a one gallon batch of tart cherry mead. Ive found myself more enamored with mead lately and am excited to see what happens with this. More juice came in the frozen cherry bags than I had anticipated, about a quarter of the carboy was filled with juice before the cherries were added, but this should just add to the taste hopefully. I went with the Lalvin D47 yeast as it seems to die out around 14% alcohol content and that should allow for sugar content without having to back sweeten. By the way hydrometer is out of commission so no hydrometer readings until I get a new one. Here is the recipe I put together. 

-2 Pounds 8 Ozs of frozen cherries
-3 Lbs of clover honey
-Lalvin D47 yeast.

I just warmed the honey till it was fluid enough to pour and put it on top of the cherries and juice in the carboy, then filled the rest up with spring water.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

American Amber

This is the first post and didn't document this batch as well as I should of. It is Brewer's Best American Amber. It was put into primary on March 19 and the primary fermentation seems to of slowed down at this point.